Past educators of Paterson High School.

Brief History of Paterson High

”WHERE DID IT ALL BEGIN”. 1925-1926: January. Secondary classed started Weis Primary School in Municipality Street, 32 black and 16 coloured pupils. Mr. Organ and Miss Gordon were the first teachers and were appointed temporarily. February: the numbers increased to 36 black and 32 coloured pupils. April: Due to increasing numbers another two teachers were appointed, namely Miss Magennis nd Mr. Redcliffe (father in law of the late Mr. H.W.K Siebritz, a former staff member). During this period the were given its official name, PATERSON INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL, after a prominent citizen frm Scottland Mr John Paterson. The first permanent principal, Mr Howard Hemming, was also appointed at this time. 1926 May: A concrete double storey building alongside Weis was used for the first time. The St. Cyprians Hall in Queen Street and later the St. Phillips Hall was also used for Woodwork and Domestic Science classes. Included amongst the earliest Paterson pupils were Dr S.V. Appavoo and Mr R.W.Peterson (father of Mr. R.A. Peterson) who became respectively the first Medical and Arts Graduates of the school. Sept 21: The election of the first School Committee took place and 64 parents attended from which 16 were nominated. The new committee consisted of members include Mr J. Kay, (chair) Mr A. Koen, Mr. J.A Peterson (grand father of Mr. R.A. Peterson) Rev, S, Diedericks, Rev J.C. Weis, Mr W.M. Boggenpoel. 1928 31st August: The foundation stone of the new building was laid. June 22: The then Superintendant General of the Cape, Dr Viljoen opened the new school in Mount Road. Paterson became a High School very soon after this, but for many years it was staffed entirely by whites and English was the only medium of instruction. The first coloured graduate of the staff was Mr Harry Gannon from Cape Town, who later moved to Canada. 1936: Mr R.W. Peterson joined the staff, Mr Walter Parry was the first principal, but was later succeeded by Mr Jan Marais. Mr N.C. Fisher, Mr. Pearce and Mr. R.A. Peterson were later appointed as principals respectively. Mr. P.Pillay is the current principal. 1948; The entire staff was Coloured. During the June holidays of this year a disastrous fire out and gutted the whole middle section of the school. The cause of the fire has never been satisfactorily investigated. Classes were continued in the two undamaged wings of the school with afternoon classes to accommodate all the pupils. The best ever external results were obtained that year. The City Council refused to allow Paterson to be rebuild on the same site. Building operations were started on the current site in Nicholas Road Schauderville. 1950: The official opening of the new building. 1970: School enlarged by Prefab structures, 1975: The 50th birthday. 1998: Two classrooms completely gutted, arson suspected. 2000: 75th birthday. 2005: 80th birthday. 2015; Proudly all Patersonians can say. “MONTANI SEMPER LIBERI” Happy Birthday my Dear old SCHOOL PATERSON……High on a hill in Nicholas Road, Paterson High and its Glorious abode.