Paterson High in collaboration with Woodridge and Jendamark have embarked on
an online tutoring programme for 30 grade 8 learners which started in June 2021.
Jendamark Automation, rolled-out its Omang e-learning tablets as part of their
Odin Education software system. These devices provides affordable access to
curriculum specific educational material for schools. Each learner learns at his/her
own pace and explore the device for video content, online tutorials, assessments et.
Twice a week, the pilot group of 30 learners, interact with the device and also
participates in online tutoring with various tutors in a range of subjects that include
Mathematics, Natural Science, languages and EMS (Accounting based work). On
Mondays, exercises and content is on the device and learners must work through it.
On Thursday there are live lessons with tutors. Tutors will revise old work and
introduce new work.
The tutors have now introduced QUEST X, which is basically social science and
creative arts (theme based lessons.) Learners learn to manage their own time and
ensure that tasks are completed on time. Teachers can also contribute to lessons,
exercises etc.
Woodridge tutors and facilitators then provide feedback on the child’s performance
and engagement when they were using the device. Woodridge provides technical
support and monitor chat groups between teacher and the pupils. They also develop
content aligned with the Paterson curriculum. They also check which pupils need
additional support based on performances. Dr. Ron Beyers of YESA has come on
board and he introduced CODING to the group of learners as well.
A permanent facilitator, parent, oversees the lessons with the learners in the school’s
library. The facilitator, Ms Rance, checks for any technical difficulties or challenges
the learners might experience in terms of content. She submits a report